This is the top image if you Google 'idiot'

iStock / tosch

Donald Trump may think he's a "very stable genius", but Google Images seems to disagree.

If you Google 'idiot', the highly reliable rankings (okay, fine, the manipulatable search results) show you a shocked-looking picture of the president himself.

We can confirm this glorious state of affairs.

The Leader of the Free World seems to also be the Commander in Chief of imbeciles.

Picture: Google Images screenshot, showing who the search rankings concludes is an 'idiot'.

Admittedly, Albert Einstein pops up in second place, which may lead you to doubt this is a definitive list of morons.

But the famous physicist's image links to an article entitled 'The Difference Between a Genius and an Idiot', whereas the page linked to Trump is called '22 Pictures of Billionaire Donald Trump Looking Like an Idiot'.

Take from that what you will.

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