Dr Oz gets roasted for bizarre photoshop meme of Bernie Sanders cuddling a Democrat

Dr Oz gets roasted for bizarre photoshop meme of Bernie Sanders cuddling a Democrat
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Dr Oz decided to share a photoshopped meme of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and John Fetterman, the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic US Senate candidate - and people were quick to roast him.

With the general election campaign reaching its second full month, Oz, the Republican nominee, and other party members, have tried to connect Fetterman to Sanders in fund-raising emails, press releases, and digital ads, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"John Fetterman will befriend Bernie Sanders in the Senate," Oz tweeted last week. "He will follow Bernie's lead and be his sidekick. PA and America cannot afford to have another 'Bernie' in the Senate," it continued.

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The Philadephia Inquirer also noted that Fetterman and Sanders have exchanged endorsements and shared rally stages, as well as similar policy views.

They also ran similar grassroots progressive campaigns. This makes it easy for Oz to draw comparisons between the two.

The outlet shared its report on Twitter which caught the attention of Oz, prompting him to seemingly create the photoshopped Sanders and Fetterman's faces onto Will Farrell and John C. Reilly's Step Brothers characters.

Not too long after, Fetterman tweeted under Oz's message with an image of a multi-coloured background and a small cartoonised cat.

"Graphic design is my passion," the on-screen text read.

People also took to the comments section of Oz's post to roast him.

"Which poor intern had to tweet that?" The Lincoln Project tweeted with a clip of Snooki typing on a computer keyboard.

"Is this really the most productive way to spend your time?" another questioned.

Others decided to share a clip of Oz and Sanders appearing to play basketball on Oz's eponymous television series.

"Here's a clip of Dr. Oz playing basketball with Bernie Sanders, who he is now attacking for being connected to John Fetterman," one captioned the post.

Additionally, Fetterman had also faced similar criticism in the primary as Sanders but was able to reach the nomination.

following his endorsement of Sanders for president in 2016, Fetterman expressed that what he wanted to do for Pennsylvania is what Sanders wanted to do for the US.

Days before the primary in May, Fetterman told NBC that he was "just a Democrat" when asked if he was progressive.

His campaign spokesperson Joe Calvello also said that Fetterman is one of a kind.

"He's John Fetterman, and there is no one else like him. The people of Pennsylvania understand that, and if Dr. Oz was actually from Pennsylvania, he would, too," he said.

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