Sometimes you object to someone so much that even the time it takes to complain about them feels generous.

Thankfully, Dump Farage is here to solve all your Farage-hating needs with just a click of the button. Welcome to the modern world, Nigel. It has the internet and immigration.

To get involved, simply send a pre-made tweet to big brands who advertise on Global Radio, the parent company of LBC, where Farage has a show bursting to the brim with hate.

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Like his political career, Farage's time on the radio has been mired in controversy, from his claim that immigrants must learn language to properly integrate in a country (before a caller asked why he failed to learn Flemish, German or French despite living in Belgium for more than 20 years), to a series of misleading statements he made on air.

That's not even mentioning the interview with Farage's friend Trump's former campaign manager Stever Bannon, a man who said he was "fascinated" by Mussolini. Off-air, things got worse when Bannon allegedly told the broadcaster's political editor, Theo Usherwood, that jailed former EDL leader Tommy Robinson is the "backbone of this country".

The companies you can send an anti-Farage nudge to are CapitalOne, Royal Mail, McDonald's, BMW, Oasis, Experian, TK Maxx, NatWest and British Gas. In a video posted to Twitter, newspaper columnist and political commentator Owen Jones said:

LBC are legitimising and making mainstream right-wing extremism and fascism, at a time when the far-right is on the march and poses a grave threat to this whole country. 

And major companies are absolutely directly complicit in it and they have to be held to account.

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, the terrorist attack on worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque and the four foiled far-right UK terrorist plots in the space of a year are just examples of the growing danger posed by the far-right

Jones added that Farage "provides the gateway between the mainstream media and right-wing extremism", pointing to the alarming interview with Bannon as just an example.

People are keen on the idea - and have already started tweeting the companies involved.

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