<p>Baby clothes for newborn. In pastel colors</p>

Baby clothes for newborn. In pastel colors

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A woman’s tweet is going viral after she revealed that the cashier ringing her up was forced to work in the baby section after experiencing a miscarriage.

“Asked the girl ringing up my clothes about her day and she said she was struggling because she'd just had a miscarriage and they made her work in the baby section,” read the tweet.

Many flocked to the comments or quote tweeted the original post in disbelief of the employer’s actions. People called the story “evil” and the supervisors “tone deaf” with some urging others to be kind to retail workers as you never know what they are going through.

Some people in the replies questioned why the employee was at work so soon after a miscarriage which led to many insisting that capitalism and the replaceable nature of employees was to blame. “She probably couldn’t afford to lose her job,” one response read.

The retail worker’s heartbreaking story has since sparked a larger online discussion on workplace trauma and the lack of compassion shown to employees by management. Women chimed in to share their own miscarriage story and how their managers cruelly reacted to their loss.

“One of the managers at target asked me for proof of my miscarriage so i quit, i rather be broke than work for a company that didn’t give a shit about me,” one tweet read.

Another Twitter user shockingly shared that she worked while miscarrying.

“People don’t realize how common this shit is,” another tweet read, “when i had a miscarriage, the dr gave me a note for 3 days off and my bosses weren’t happy that I took those days off, and one of my bosses actually said “huh I wonder if you were ever really pregnant” some people just don’t think :/.”

It’s beyond upsetting that so many women have similar disturbing workplace stories. While many users offered their condolences and support it’s clear that several are still carrying their trauma with them.

The original tweet has garnered over 16.5K retweets and 299.7K favorites.

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