Even for Ukip, this is ridiculous

(Picture: Mum Juice)

A campaign poster sent out by a Ukip prospective parliamentary candidate states that benefits claimants should be banned from driving and that cyclists should be banned from the road altogether.

In a sign-off that sounds like something straight out of the manifesto of Al Murray's spoof FUKP party, the poster claims: "Yet again we're proposing common sense policies and common sense solutions."

A cropped photograph of the poster was shared widely on social media on Wednesday with users suggesting that Lynton Yates, the Ukip candidate for the Charnwood constituency in Leicestershire, was behind it - photos of the full poster then appeared to back this claim up.

Another suggestion Yates puts forward was to deport convicted criminals in order to save money for OAP's winter fuel bills.

I personally would look to overseas countries who could tender for their incarceration. I'm sure they could dramatically reduce the cost to the taxpayer.

Obviously the Human Rights activists will be up in arms, another great reason to get out of the European Union and their Human Rights Act.

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