Everything you thought you knew about baby carrots was almost definitely a lie

This. Changes. Everything.

You may have tucked into one of these carrots before, perhaps with a nice Sunday roast, or maybe a good pie.

Picture: Flickr/Jeffreyw

Some of them look like this:

Picture: Flickr/Nanao Wagatsuma

But chances are they looked more like this:

Picture: Savanna Smiles

You might have thought they were grown deliberately that way by farmers. Lovingly cared for and developed into that smooth, little morsel of sweetness.

But you were wrong

The majority of "baby carrots" are actually just chopped down versions of regular carrots that are too wonky to sell in supermarkets.

The origin of the "baby carrot" is attributed to an Californian farmer called Mike Yurosek who used an industrial green bean cutter to chop the wonky veg down to size and therefore save on waste.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Check out this video below which shows how they're made:

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