People are sharing their deepest, darkest family secrets

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The biggest secret in some families is where the sweets are kept. Safe to say, this doesn's apply to anyone below.

Twitter user Jessi asked her followers to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets they learned as adults - obviously exchanging her own first. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

They more than obliged with submissions ranging from the tragic to the bizarre.

But one man's epic tale trounced them all, kicking off when he learned his granddad had been a professional boxer.

No one could work out why his boxing career had been such a secret at first.

Nor why he eventually quit boxing, after an impressive career.

One day, the granddad's brother sat our Twitter user down and told him the answers.

The uncle revealed that a mob was pressuring his brother to lose.

Instead of boxing, he went onto become a chef.

But he had a career more impressive than anyone imagined.

The ending is bittersweet.

People on Twitter were completely taken aback by the story.

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