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An age-defying mum has simultaneously wowed the internet, made everyone insanely jealous, and inadvertently created a new game.

Spot the mum in this photo.

It's impossible.


#tbt #me and #mydaughters #throwbackthursday

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Photographed is 40-year-old Kienya Booker - yes, forty - and her daughters K'Lienya, 18, and Kolieya, 16.

Not guessed who's who yet? We don't blame you. This is Kienya:

Here are some more shots of the trio taken over the years, clearly showing that Booker doesn't age.

User imtimishadianee commented under the photo:

Omg you look more their age than to be the mother of these gorgeous girls.

And lovlai2u wrote:

Wow! You did not age at all! Beautiful pic

Under this picture, Instagrammer mediablackoutusa wrote:

Out here looking like sisters

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