The FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien controversy explained

The FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien controversy explained
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FaZe Clan is one of the world's most popular professional esports organisations, with members such as Twistzz, Olofmeister, Rain and now former Stranger Things actress, Grace Van Dien.

The actress-turned-streamer is one of the group's newest recruits, and while many were thrilled by the news, some were left feeling confused.

Some suggested Van Dien has limited gaming experience, and others have critiqued the collective for prioritising a celebrity status over a professional gamer.

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FaZe member Rain has been particularly vocal about the group's decision, leaking the surprise to his 3.1 million followers.

On her stream, Van Dien hit back: "I’m sorry sir, were you in the meeting with us? Were you there?"

"No, I’ve never f**king met you and that is not why FaZe signed me. That is definitely how I got the meeting, yes, I will give that credit. That is how I got the meeting."

She continued: "But, that is absolutely not why I’ve signed. The things that we spoke about in the meeting are why I have. So, get f**king wrecked to everyone saying that, to Rain saying that. Like, you weren’t there, you have no idea."

On 28 May, people accused Rain of going "too far" after sharing an explicit rant about Van Dien that he later apologised for:

The comments sparked a response from the actress, who brought up Rain's previous issues with drugs.

"I know you, Rain, as the person who almost overdosed on a live stream," she said. "And I know that you’re better now, and I’m really proud of you for that. I am."

The back-and-forth led to the pair meeting, which fans believed would have settled the conflict.

During their discussion Van Dien reference an old tweet of Rain's from 2013 that made a violent suggestion about actress Emma Watson.

In the end, Van Dien left the room crying and threatened to leave FaZe if the video was uploaded.

In a statement from the official FaZe Twitter account, they wrote: "FaZe is no stranger to contrasting viewpoints and passionate opinions on the future of the brand. Recruitment has always drawn that out. But make no mistake, the mistreatment of our newest member is in no way OK. Grace joined in hopes to bring her voice to FaZe & we stand by her."

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