<p>The man walked away from the flames</p>

The man walked away from the flames

@Fox9/ Twitter

An employee has been filmed filming a group of teenagers set light to a fireworks display in a US shop, then casually walking away.

The footage was taken in a grocery store in Minnesota and was taken before emergency services arrived to put out the fire.

The man appears quite nonchalant while faced with flames and the sound of fireworks pinging in the air and watches and films it for a few seconds before making a move. When he does move, it is not with much sense of urgency and it looks like his is smiling at someone in the distance.

Reacting to the footage, which has been viewed over 1.3 million times and liked by more than 10,000 viewers after it was posted on Twitter by Fox 9, many people sympathised with the employee, and disagreed with a few critics who suggested he should have intervened to stop them teenagers.

According to the local police department, no one was injured in the fire, though the shop and items within it were obviously damaged. Three teenage boys, aged 14, 15 and 16, were arrested then released without being charged.

All we can say is that we think this man would make the most relaxed fireman in the world.

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