Hilarious 'first drink and last drink' wedding video goes viral

Hilarious 'first drink and last drink' wedding video goes viral
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Wedding receptions are always a good excuse for a knees-up - and the internet was left in stitches after guests at one wedding were filmed having their first drink, and then again holding their last drink of the night.

In the first video, the fresh-faced wedding guests greet the camera with their first drink in hand - ready for the night of partying ahead.

A couple of hours later when the camera catches up with them again, they look worn out from all the drinking and dancing as the music continued to boom loudly - with some struggling to say their name, and stand as they showed viewers their final drink.

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The first person who was introduced was the groom who was dressed up in a suit and tie as well as sporting a pocket square and corsage for the big day.

"Hi I'm Trev, this is my first drink," he said as he showed the camera his pint.

Cut to the end of the night and Trev's lost his tie, his shirt is untucked, but more importantly, it looks like he's had a good time as he told viewers: "Hi I'm Trev, the groom and this is my last drink."

Up next was one of the bridesmaids who introduced herself as Holly and was wearing a lovely dusty pink dress as she held up her first drink.

By the time the last drink came, Holly managed to acquire a wedding guest's waistcoat and tie and humorously swayed as she struggled to get her words out to show her last drink.


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Guest Simon also looked like he had a fun night as by the time we caught up with him he had lost the shirt and jacket he was wearing in the first clip, and instead had a t-shirt and different jacket on as he struggled to string a sentence together.

Another bridesmaid also had a whale of a time as by the end of the night she had a suit jacket on her shoulders and had trouble saying her role in the bridal party.

"I'm Niamh, cheese bridesmaid and this is my last drink," she said to which a person off-camera replied: "Cheese bridesmaid? Have you got a cheeseboard?"

Niamh shared a puzzled look and told them: "I'm chief bridesmaid."

Of course, the bride also took part and looked lovely in her white bridal gown at the start of the night but by the end, she had accessorised with a tie around her neck, and couldn't keep her eyes open as she shuffled over to the camera and said: "I'm the bride and this is my last drink."

Since posting the video, it has received over 9.1m views, 1.2m likes and over 6,000 comments from people who found the clips hilariously entertaining.

One person said: "The person who filmed this was the designated driver."

Someone else added: "Thought Holly was gonna start spitting bars tbf."

"Top tier entertainment," a third person commented.

It's not just TikTok where the video has gone viral as it has also received a similar reaction when it was circulated on Twitter and Reddit.

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