'Don't you touch me': Florida girl saves herself from shark attack by kicking it

Video: Shark spotted swimming just feet from shore at Florida beach

The idea of being attacked by a shark is terrifying - however one brave young girl in Florida took it in her stride by kicking the marine creature away after it mauled her right foot.

In a report from NBC 6, 10-year-old Jasmine Carney was swimming on Hobe Sound Beach off the coast of Jupiter Island with her brother and grandmother on Sunday (27 November) when she fought off the shark and "won."

"Something grabbed me, so I'm like, 'don't you touch me!'" the lively little hero said.

Carney also described the shark as being gray and that it looked "pretty big" and it was gray.

She then decided to kick it and "run away."

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Stephanie Carney, Jasmine's adoptive grandmother, was on the beach at the time of the attack but was unaware of the details.

She explained that Jasmine ran up the beach, yelling out to her that something had bit her.

Noticing that there was blood everywhere, Stephanie ended up getting a lifeguard.

The Martin County lifeguards gave Jasmine first aid by applying a tourniquet to her ankle to prevent the bleeding.

After that, she was airlifted by helicopter to Palm Beach Children's Hospital so she could get surgery to repair the wounds to her foot.

"There's a piece missing," her surgeon Dr Nir Hus told NBC 6.

The doctor also explained that that was the only area that was "bitten."

Despite the wounds, Jasmine seems to be in good spirits, noting that her six-year-old brother Jackson helps her relax.

"He's pretty curious, so I might as well stay calm because I know he wouldn't want me to be scared because he's the best little brother in the world," she said.

Jasmine is expected to be fully recovered in the next month or two.

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