Gavin Williamson: 14 of the most brutal things MPs are saying about Theresa May's new Defence Secretary


If you want a pithy put down about a Conservative MP, the best person to ask is a Conservative MP.

Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary, promoted from his previous role as the party's disciplinarian, the Chief Whip.

In Summer 2016, Williamson led Theresa May's leadership team in the House of Commons, securing her first place and over half of Conservative MPs in the first round of voting. They also maintaining a crushing lead over Andrea Leadsom in the second round.

Williamson, aged 41, has been an MP since 2010, and his rapid rise the top has been accompanied by something of a reputation.

Following the announcement he was being elevated to such a senior post, journalists began sharing the reactions from anonymous Tory MPs.

Warning: Strong language, and general cattiness follow

There was also some on the record subtweeting from Sarah Woolston.

Whether this is sour grapes, or the nature of his previous role as May's enforcer, is unclear.

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