This adorable German shepherd can’t work out why a baby isn’t up for playing fetch

This adorable German shepherd can’t work out why a baby isn’t up for playing fetch

We all know a dog is a man’s best friend, and one dog attempted to strike up this bond perhaps a little prematurely...

A German shepherd looking to play fetch with the latest addition to the family was left disappointed and adorably couldn’t figure out why.

TikToker Casey (@keepingupwiththekokals) shared the hilarious clip showing the pooch called Brody looking awfully confused as to why the two-month-old baby hadn’t picked up the ball he placed in front of him.

The clip shows Brody eagerly awaiting the baby to pick up the ball - but considering the baby cannot support its own neck at two months, never mind stand up and play fetch, it looks like Brody will be waiting while to play with him...


sorry bud 2 months old is still too young to throw your toy 😅 #babiesoftiktok #germanshepherd #fyp

In the TikTok, Casey can be heard telling the dog: “Brody, we have been over this.”

“He’s too young!” she attempts to explain to Brody, but he doesn’t look impressed with the response as he looks glumly down at the floor and meanwhile, the baby looks completely oblivious to Brody’s playtime offer.

Since sharing the hilarious clip, Casey’s TikTok has received over 6.7m views, along with 1.2m likes and thousands of comments from people sharing their amusement at Brody’s attempts at baby bonding and what they believe the pooch is thinking.

One person wrote: “Him: “I don’t want excuses mom, I want results.’”

“He’s like: ‘At 2 months I was fetching, he needs to hurry up,’” another person said.

Someone else replied: “I don’t know why but I was expecting the little man to throw the ball.”

“‘Mom, it’s broken, please fix the baby, WE have already went over this!’” a fourth person replied.

As Brody waits for the baby to grow up and start walking, elsewhere, another dog decided to simply do human walking themselves.

TikToker Kassondra M. Van Wyk has gone viral over a video of her pooch Nala walking on her hind legs - which incredibly she has been doing since she was around 10 weeks old.

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