A dog that walks on its hind legs has gone viral on TikTok, for obvious reasons.

TikToker Kassondra M. Van Wyk has received over 8.7 million views on a video of her pooch Nala walking on her hind legs.

The video shows Nala standing by a counter as Kassondra says: “Hey, excuse me”.

When she calls her name, Nala’s head pokes around from behind the fridge.

“Are you doing dishes?” Kassondra asks. “I hope so”.

Nala then turns around and casually saunters across the room.


“Hell no, I’m not doing your dishes!” #doodle #weirdpets #dog #reincarnation #peopledog #caught

The top comment with over 60,000 likes reads: “Dog walked away like ‘why yes I am doing dishes and I have a casserole in the oven’.”

A TikTok account called @WeRateDogs wrote: “She was clearly puparing dinner for you”

Others compared the dog to a skinwalker, a shape-shifting creature from Navajo folklore.

Once the video went viral, Kassondra uploaded another video where she tells Nala she’s TikTok famous. For the caption she wrote: “‘Say what?!’ Nala loves all the attention from you all! We’ll try to catch her red-pawed more often!”


“Say what?!” Nala loves all the attention from you all! We’ll try to catch her red-pawed more often! 😜 #doodle #weirdpets #skinwalker #dog #people

In the comments, Kassondra revealed that Nala started walking on two legs when she was around 10 weeks old.

One viewer wrote: “Ask her if she knows, that you know, that she’s a skinwalker, a very cute one”. Kassondra replied and said: “The skinwalker comments crack me up! She’s a cuddly skinwalker!”

Nala isn’t the only bipedal dog to take TikTok by storm recently.

Earlier this week, Indy100 wrote about Dexter, a TikTok-famous dog who walks — and even runs — on two legs.

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