An eagle-eyed internet user has spotted what appears to be someone doing a poo on a Google Maps still and we just feel sorry for the person who was caught short, if they were.

The still, which shows a woman and a child standing close to a car which a man is squatting on top off, was posted on Reddit, accompanied with the sympathetic caption: “Aww no, Daddy’s doing doo-doo on the car roof again.”

The image was taken on Beaver Drive in Wyoming, the US and safe to say it has given people a chuckle:

One user commented: “That one girl with the yellow shirt in the background looks like she’s laughing her a** off.”

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Another said: “LOL if you go one frame past the house, you can still see poopy guy in position but whoever was with him left lmao.”

Meanwhile, others suggested that the man was not doing a poo and was actually attaching bikes to the car roof.

One said: “He’s still got his pants on. Looks like he’s just getting it ready to tie bikes on top.”

Another said: “I think he’s fixing something on the roof. In one pic he’s actually covering his face with his hand. I think he saw the google car.”

What do you think?

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