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A model has revealed what she actually looks like - you know, normally.

Hair stylist and model Ursula Goff gave her followers a look behind-the-scenes of social media.

She posted a wonderfully honest photo of herself devoid of photographic tricks and make-up.

Her aim was to remind her followers that "behind every pretty face or perfect lifestyle is a regular person".

See the full post here:

Facebook comments show just how much her honesty was appreciated.

​One woman wrote:

Thank you for being vulnerable, real, and honest. It's so refreshing! My mantra this year is, "you do you". You are nailing it!

Goff replied that even though she's received hate for her post, she is glad she did it. She said:

One of my own goals for myself recently is to take more emotional risks by being more vulnerable.

Goff first made a name for herself posting shots of her stunning rainbow hair creations.

Unsurprisingly, these gorgeous dos got her over 90k Instagram followers.

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