How To Deactivate Your Twitter Account

A Twitter account dedicated to tracking the death of Henry Kissinger seems to be getting pretty impatient.

On Monday, Is Henry Kissinger Dead Yet? tweeted an update that the former Secretary of State was in fact not dead but added, "and I didn’t think this account would be such a long-term commitment."

The account, which first began in December 2021, tweets every few days updating people.

However, it seems the person running the account is surprised Kissinger, 99, has not died yet.

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Like the Twitter account manager, much of the world has been surprised by Kissinger's life span thus far. The controversial figure has outlived many of the officials he worked alongside, including all of Richard Nixon's Cabinet.

Should Kissinger live to his next birthday, he will be 100 years old.

On Twitter, there are people who both advocate for Kissinger's death and celebrate his age. The debate echoes much of the controversial narrative that surrounded Kissinger throughout his life.

In a 2015 POLITICO article, Nicholas Thompson described Kissinger as "one of the worst people to ever be a force for good."

"He manipulated colleagues and nations. He faked the beginning of a nuclear war in order to advance some perverse personal game theory. He callously perpetrated international crimes. But he was a man of ideas at the center of an American strategy that ultimately benefited the world in some grand sense," Thompson wrote.

Over the last few years, similar Twitter accounts have risen in popularity, like the "Liza Minelli outlives" Twitter account. Several other Twitter accounts track the life of Kissinger as well including Henry Kissinger is Still Alive and Is Henry Kissinger Dead?

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