People found out the Queen had died from the 'Liza Minnelli Outlives' Twitter account

People found out the Queen had died from the 'Liza Minnelli Outlives' Twitter account
Moment BBC News announces Queen Elizabeth II's death

Despite Buckingham Palace announcing Thursday afternoon that Queen Elizabeth II died some people only learnt of her death via the 'Liza Minnelli Outlives' Twitter account.

Liza Minnelli Outlives posts tributes to the actress and singer by commemorating things Minnelli has outlived from world events to specific people.

Less than a minute after Buckingham Palace tweeted announcing the Queen's death, Liza Minnelli Outlives announced the 76-year-old had outlived the queen.

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"Liza Minnelli has outlived Queen Elizabeth II, the greatest monarch of all time," the account wrote.

Apparently some people only found out Her Majesty had passed because of the Minnelli Twitter account.

"Is this seriously how I found out," a Twitter user said in response to the announcement.

"Finding out about the queen's death via the Liza Minelli Outlives account was not what I was expecting today," Merrill tweeted

"This is seriously how I found out," Nina wrote.

The Liza Minneli Outlives account first began in 2020 and quickly gained notoriety as equally humorous and loving toward Minnelli.

Learning of major news through celebrities or silly Twitter accounts is not uncommon in the age of social media. Thursday morning, some younger people learnt of the Queen's ailing health through BeReal.

When Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI earlier this month, people found out through Ice T.

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