Home Alone fans have wild theory on how family afforded iconic mansion

Home Alone fans have wild theory on how family afforded iconic mansion
10 Facts About 'Home Alone'
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Home Alone fans have come up with a creative theory as to how Kevin McCallister's father managed to afford their family mansion and a trip to Paris for nine people.

The Christmas hit was released over 30 years ago and remains one of the most popular films during the festive season – but no one has ever thought to pose the question of how the McCallisters afforded their lavish lifestyle, until now.

In a resurfaced viral TikTok, Brian Rooney lifted the lid on the fan theory that suggests Peter McCallister was a "mob boss" and went on to claim "Harry and Marv were from a rival family and they were seeking revenge which is why they were hitting up the block".


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"I think the whole theory of Kevin’s dad being a mobster makes total sense just based off Kevin’s behaviour," he continues, calling Kevin a "straight up G."

"When Kevin found out that Harry and Marv were going to rob his house, it didn’t even occur to him to ever call the police," Brian says. "Kevin stuck to the G code of ‘this is my house. I have to defend it’. That’s the most gangster s*** ever."

He added: "At the end he didn’t talk to the police at all. He didn’t give them a statement. He just kept his mouth shut. That’s some G code s**t which he would have had to learn from his mob boss dad."

Rooney went on to say: "Y’all better recognise Kevin McCallister was a stone-cold thug."

Fellow TikTokers soon flooded the clip, with one chiming in: "Kevin’s parents also are wearing Burberry coats."

Another added: "His mom was apparently a fashion designer and his dad was a 'businessman' so his dad being a mobster is kinda plausible."

Meanwhile, one person said: "Kevin's dad didn't pay for the trip, his brother in Paris did. People tend to miss that line of dialogue because it was kinda in the background."

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