Woman stunned after finding man in his pants asleep on sofa during house viewing

Woman stunned after finding man in his pants asleep on sofa during house viewing
Jam Press Vid/Katie Elliott

A woman was left stunned during a house viewing after discovering a young man sleeping on the sofa surrounded by booze.

Katie Elliott was seeking new rental property for her and two friends.

She went to view the three-bed pad with the letting agent.

However, after arriving she discovered the house was not only filthy, but a current tenant was dozing on the couch.

He was wearing a green T-shirt and black pants with a duvet half-covering him.

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There was a bottle of vodka and beer bottles on the table and litter - including a fag packet and food wrappers - scattered across the floor.

Katie filmed it on her phone and was shocked by the house in Newcastle, but also found it hilarious.

Jam Press Vid/Katie Elliott

The 24-year-old said: “The letting agent warned me before we went in that it was extremely dirty and said that they were really struggling with it.

“I didn't expect it to be that bad.

“You could tell she was embarrassed and she was talking about how ridiculous it was.

“The guy on the sofa didn't even notice us, I think he was just fast asleep to be honest.

“However, it was 12pm so it wasn't even that early in the day.

“It just me who viewed it but the rest of the house was just as bad too.

“There was a guy in one of the bedrooms that was arguing with the woman about the mess not being his as he's not there that often as well.”

Katie has also revealed, unsurprisingly, that her and her friend did not go for this property.

She added “It might have been okay once all cleaned up but two of the rooms were tiny so it didn’t suit us.

“The letting agent just kept saying I can only ask you to try and look past the mess.

“I'm not definitely sure as my friend booked the viewing but I think it was students living there then.

“With the area location, maybe students from Northumbria or Newcastle University.”

Katie posted a video online of the viewing which has now gone viral with over 580,000 views and 46,300 likes on TikTok.

Many online were left in hysterics at the video Katie posted from her nightmare viewing.

Molly Krenz said: “That’s got to be student accommodation.”

Danny Baker added: “I’d have industrial wellies in that house.”

Hannah Shaida said: “You’re having a laugh here.”

Kate Green remarked: “The wheeze I let out when I saw the corpse on the sofa.”

Abigail joked: “The reason I was not getting a house share at uni.”

Lewis added: “Im crying at the guy passed out.”

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