Here's how to get TikTok's mirrored delay filter

Here's how to get TikTok's mirrored delay filter
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If you have scrolled on your TikTok For You page recently, you've perhaps been seeing double - and that's because of the Mirrored Delay filter that has recently gone viral.

The effect is able to duplicate you when on camera, so you basically have a twin which means any action you do in a video, the second image of yourself will do the same a few seconds later.

So far, there have been over 2.1m videos using the Mirrored Delay filter - and there have been some creative takes on the trend.

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Users have figured out that this is the perfect filter to be able to sing both parts of songs with duets such as All The Things She Said’ by t.A.T.u.


I’ve done this so many times I can’t stop #allthethingsshesaid #runningthroughmyhead #fyp #mirroreddelay

Meanwhile, others have been using challenges themselves to a sing-off during the back-and-forth "Oh, oh's" of the second bridge in the Destiny's Child song Survivor.


I cant believe this app is free 😂😂😂 im so late to the trend xxx #foryou #fyp

While others have sussed out how to use the filter to perform some hilarious dance moves to the beat of Tubarão Te Amo by DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP.


I think I’m gonna regret posting this but it was too funny to dispose 😅

If you want to participate in any of the Delayed Mirror trends, then here's how to find it :

  1. In the "Effects" section press the magnifying glass and search for "Mirrored Delay"
  2. Press the camera button beside the filter
  3. Then when you're in front of the camera, and perform an action your "twin" should appear in delay and repeat the action.

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