Awkward moment husband gets call from man who he's told his wife ...

A TikTok user captured the incredibly awkward moment her father answered a call to a man he allegedly told his wife to stop speaking to.

Sophia (@soma9632) took the platform with the viral clip, which racked 2.2 million views, and explained: "When ur dad tells ur mom to stop talking to someone, and her phones connected to the car and the guy calls (sic)."

Her father answers the call via the car's Bluetooth, to which he asks who it is and "how's it going?" The men continue their civilised conversation as the man-in-question explains that he's moving to Tennessee in May.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that," her father responds. "I mean, you've got family there."

Sophia follows up with a series of clips to contextualise the situation.

In a second video, the TikToker tells her dad to "just transfer the call" to her mother, explaining: "Basically, she came into the car afterwards and denied it. Then, at dinner, she blocked and deleted the contact in front of him."

In what may appear an innocent interaction, the father sounded upset, which prompted thousands of supportive comments.

"Sounds like an emotional affair," one suggested. "Some would consider it worse than a physical affair."

Another added: "Poor dad. He deserves better!"

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In a third clip, Sophia suggests that the man got "super clingy" with her mother after getting divorced from her close friend. Subsequently, her father asked her to block his calls, to which she said she had. But, the truth was soon exposed when he managed to get through to her phone on a family vacation.

Sophia explained that the man was a client of her mother's, a realtor. When asked whether the couple were still together, the TikTok creator confirmed they were.

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