Trumper savagely owned after 'illegal invaders' misinformation

Trumper savagely owned after 'illegal invaders' misinformation
Donald Trump labels migrants 'illegal aliens' during Texas visit
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Trump-supporting Republican Matt Maddock was savagely owned on social media after claiming 'illegal invaders' were arriving in Detroit - when they were actually just basketball teams.

In a post on X / Twitter, Matt Maddock, the Michigan State Representative, shared two images taken at Detroit Metro Airport showing a plane and three buses parked on the runway.

He wrote: “Happening right now. Three busses [sic] just loaded up with illegal invaders at Detroit Metro. Anyone have any idea where they’re headed with their police escort?”

But it was quickly pointed out to Maddock that the people he was claiming were 'illegal invaders' were actually the men’s basketball teams from Gonzaga and Creighton arriving for their college basketball games.

One person responded: "Probably teams for the NCAA Men's Sweet 16 playing at LCA on Friday and Sunday."

It seems Maddock wasn't best pleased with being corrected, as he responded: "Sure kommie. Good talking point."

If that wasn’t enough, someone else shared images of the team leaving the plane, showing they were identical to the image Maddock shared.

"Thanks for the warning. Those invader college basketball teams are really scary. They might terrorize the city with rapid dribbling, passing, and (clutch your pearls) three pointers," someone mocked.

Another said: "Imagine being so paranoid and terrified of things all the time that you freak out about the Gonzaga and Creighton teams showing up for the Sweet 16 (an event that brings TONS of money to your city, btw). Republicans are not okay."

Someone else joked: "Elected official terrified of Creighton basketball."

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