TikToker’s Instagram vs reality pictures prove how fake social media can be

A woman has taken to TikTok to perfectly demonstrate just how unrealistic images on social media can be.

Danish TikToker Josephine Livin uses her account to promote “real life, self love & body acceptance” and used her own body to prove that what we see on social media isn’t always necessarily reality.

In the clip, she posted a series of images of herself – first viewers saw a picture of her looking posed and “perfect” and next she shared an image of herself just seconds after, where she allowed her body to relax.

The Instagram vs reality style of pictures showed that the first image wasn’t actually how her body looked naturally and was purposely posed to look “good” for social media.

Livin captioned the post: “the people you compare yourself to online don’t look like that 24/7.”


the people you compare yourself to online don’t look like that 24/7 🤍

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As a society, young people are constantly faced with images of unattainable and often edited bodies of influencers and celebrities on social media feeds.

Young women and girls, in particular, can suffer from negative body image due to social media usage, which makes content showing real bodies all the more important.

In the comments, Livin wrote: “A reminder that we can all pose and tense and find the right angle, the right light and look amazing in a new outfit and wear the prettiest makeup.

“But at the end of the day we’re all human beings and nothing is as perfect as it can sometimes seem on social media. You’re beautiful. You’re enough.”

The clip has been viewed over 266,000 times and many in the comments praised Livin for being real.

One person wrote: “I love that you use yourself and show everyone that the internet isn’t real. You’re definitely doing amazing work and look amazing no matter what.”

Another said: “Thank you, this makes me feel so much better about my body.”

Someone else commented: “Thank you so much for this. Being compared at or comparing to every ‘perfect girl’ seriously hurts my mental health and this just made my day.”

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