What is the 'Yassify' meme that is taking over social media?

<p>Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘yassified’</p>

Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘yassified’


Every once in a while an internet meme goes viral that is so niche, it becomes very difficult to explain to your pals off social media.

The latest example of this is the ‘yassification’ trend on Twitter.

What exactly is this meme you may ask? Simply put: the process involves editing ordinary photos of culture icons into glamorous overly photoshopped smokeshows with smoky eyes, a contoured face, and fabulous hair.

And ever since a viral tweet featuring a screenshot of Toni Colette in Hereditary got ‘yassified’—the meme has evolved with countless iterations of historical, pop culture, and political figures following in Colette’s footsteps.

Of course, the name of the meme is a referene to the slang word ‘yass.’ (See: ‘Yas Queen.’)

Online, the glammed up photos have taken a new life and the result is hysterical. Many of the viral edits are at the hands of the genius @YassifyBot on Twitter. Their most recent work includes Lin-Manuel Miranda, the killer doll in Squid Games, influencer James Charles, and so many more.

“I do not know who these people are. I’m not a robot I just bought a month of faceapp pro,” reads the Twitter account’s bio.

No celebrity is safe from being ‘yassified’— take a look for yourself.

“When’s this joke gonna be over you guys I’m so exhausted my small delicate feminine fingers hurt from all the slay button pressing,” @YassifyBot joked on Twitter. TBH at this rate, we don’t see the meme dying down anytime soon.

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