Interpretative dancers just performed at the European parliament and people are confused

Interpretative dancers just performed at the European parliament and people are confused
Interpretative dancers perform at European parliament

The four-day Conference on the Future of Europe has come to a close – in the most unconventional way.

To mark the end of the event in Strasbourg – where EU lawmakers came together to discuss how they can improve the European Union – a troupe of interpretive dancers appeared out of nowhere.

They performed a routine around the hemicycle for the first ten minutes, with a narrator that reportedly whispered in French: "You have just arrived on the Moon... your hands become fish... You discover a new planet. Here, plants have taken power." MEPs could be seen awkwardly watching on – looking just as baffled as those on Twitter when the clip surfaced online.

Choreographed by French dancer Angelin Preljocaj, the unexpected move led Pro-Brexiteers to chime in on the action.

GB News presenter Darren Grimes said: "Interpretative dance at the EU parliament. Brexit was worth it to avoid this alone.

"The faces of the MEPs are hilarious. #cringe"

Nigel Farage also jumped in and reiterated on Twitter: "There are many reasons why I am pleased to no longer be an MEP.

"Not having to witness this 'interpretive dance' is one of them."

One Twitter user hit back at Farage, saying: "Other countries have a deep and ancient culture to you bell***. Just coz you don’t like or respect it doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong."

"You hardly ever turned up, Nige," another joked.

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More stunned people turned to social media to gauge what was happening.

"WW3 about to break out... But first..let's dance," one witty user penned, while another mirrored his comments, tweeting: "There are people starving, on the verge of WW3 and they are wasting time and money on that... Looking at some of the representatives, they don't look impressed."

The room was treated to another performance around an hour later. But, this time, it was Beethoven's Ode to Joy - the European anthem – by a group of musicians from each member state.

EU Parliament President Roberta Metsola concluded: "Citizens - especially young people - are at the heart of our vision for the future of Europe. They have directly shaped the outcome of the Conference.

"We are at a defining moment of European integration and no suggestion for change should be off-limits.

"We should not be afraid to unleash the power of Europe to change people's lives for the better."

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