This Kanye West Gap jacket made $7m in a single evening, former exec reveals

This Kanye West Gap jacket made $7m in a single evening, former exec reveals

Arguably one of the fashion world’s hotly-anticipated drops of the year, Kanye West’s collaboration with Gap achieved a jaw-dropping cash return – after raking in $7m overnight from one jacket.

The rapper signed a ten-year partnership with the American clothing retailer in 2020, which focuses on revamped wardrobe staples such as T-shirts, hoodies and joggers. The Yeezy x Gap collaboration is reportedly worth a whopping $4.7 billion, and shares of the fashion retailer have increased by 42 per cent.

Former CEO of Gap, Mickey Drexle, revealed the staggering success of the YEEZY Gap Red Round Jacket, despite disagreeing with the collab. He told Yahoo Finance Live:

“So, I know the jacket sold out. They did $7 million on the jacket overnight.”

“[Kanye] is a smart guy, but he shouldn’t have done it. And I don’t think they should have done it, either.”

During his first live stream performance at Mercedes Benz Stadium, Kanye rocked the red jacket for his anticipated upcoming album, DONDA. He also donned the black edition to Balenciaga’s Paris show.

Priced at $200 in sizes XXS to XXXL, the jacket – also sold in blue and black – is available for pre-order, though shipping will be around Spring 2022.

Lucky Yeezy fans took to Twitter to share their good news, while many were left frustrated with the estimated shipping date. One said, “It ships in the spring. So I’m going to get to wear it what… once and then have to wait to winter 2022 to wear it. Make it make sense. I was expecting way more from this Yeezy x Gap collection.”

While one hit back at the former GAP CEO’s claim, “Yeezy sold $7 million worth of jackets overnight but the Yeezy x Gap deal “doesn’t make any sense” Yea, right.”

The Yeezy x Gap jacket has already hit reseller websites. On the luxury buy and sell site, Grailed, the blue Round Jacket has been added at an unbelievable $10,000.

The original cost of the jacket is $200 Grailed

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