Kanye West fans are still waiting for his new album to drop and are creating hilarious memes to pass the time

Kanye West has previewed his new album Donda to a sold-out crowd in a stadium in Atlanta for the second time but the majority of his fans are growing impatient while waiting to hear the rapper’s new music. And, as usual, the memes are hilarious.

In a rare and odd public appearance back on Thursday 22 July, West appeared in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium – which is in the city where he was born – and started playing his latest tunes.

West had teased that he would release the album in July 2020 but, after that listening party, it never materialised.

After that first event, West took up residence in the stadium, apparently to polish off the record, which is named in honour of his late mother.

He has now hosted yet another listening party as part of an Apple Music Livestream, but still, the album is unavailable on streaming platforms. The performance involved the rapper being suspended in mid-air above a circle of bright white lights.

Whilst fans are understandably delighted to have new music from one of the most famous rappers ever, the fact that the actual album hasn’t yet been released is leading to a lot of frustration.

But, as ever, at least the jokes are funny.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that all of Kanye West’s previous albums are being featured on the main page of iTunes, perhaps hinting that the new album Donda could be dropping soon.

The album’s name is a reference to West’s mother, Donda West, who passed away in 2007. Several of the tracks on the album reportedly feature samples of her voice.

It has not been disclosed when the album will actually be released but it’s not like this is uncharacteristic behaviour from the enigmatic star. His previous album Jesus is King was originally set for a release in September 2018 but didn’t actually arrive until October 2019.

Fans will be hoping that they don’t have to wait that long again but by now we should all know that Kanye West plays by his own rules.

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