<p>Tracey spent just $35 on ingredients for her incredible shop-bought cake upgrade </p>

Tracey spent just $35 on ingredients for her incredible shop-bought cake upgrade

Facebook/Tracey Seymour

The usual response to someone making you a birthday cake is a polite ‘thank you’, but this wasn’t the case for one mum whose son walked straight past the unrecognisable creation.

Tracey Seymour, a 56-year-old woman from Australia, has gone viral for her insane birthday cake glow-ups. Tracey, who kindly made a birthday cake for her 34-year-old son, invited him over to showcase her creation.

Her son’s response was somewhat underwhelming as he walked straight past it, understandable given its incredible likeness to a bucket of KFC - but the reaction on Facebook was quite the opposite.

Tracey told Indy100, “I was blown away with the response from the FB group. People were in shock and didn’t believe me - one lady even commented on the post, ‘why lie? No way is that a cake.”

One user asked: “Wait … is this a joke or real? It looks like actual KFC. I need to see inside the bucket lol.”

While another admired Tracey’s work: “Are you sure that’s not a bucket of KFC? Amazing job”.

The \u2018chicken\u2019 was recreated with cake rolled in cereal The ‘chicken’ was recreated with cake rolled in cereal Facebook

So, how did she do it? Well, Tracey remodelled a store-bought cake from Woolworths into the famous KFC bucket in the space of one-and-a-half hours.

She reused an old KFC bucket as the base before layering it with two chocolate mud cakes with a white chocolate cake in between.

The ‘chicken’ was created with white chocolate cake and snack bars dipped in Caramilk chocolate and rolled in Crunchy nut cornflakes to give the ‘crunchy fried’ effect.

Of course, no KFC is complete without its famous gravy. Inside a KFC container, Tracey mixed buttercream icing and caramel sauce to mimic the must-have side, while another pot contained slices of Madeira cake wedges to complete the meal with fries.

Recalling her son’s birthday, Tracey said: “When he arrived, I said ‘come and see your cake’, and he walked straight past it into the kitchen...

He asked, ‘where?’ - I pointed at the table and he said ‘that’s chicken’ and couldn’t believe it.”

Tracey has spent the last few years upgrading cakes for family celebrations. She explained, “I started playing around with cakes a couple of years ago. I don’t have the time or patience to bake them, so the store-bought are perfect. So far, I’ve only done them for family!”

When asked her inspiration behind the cake, Tracey replied, “I’d been thinking about doing a KFC cake for a while - who doesn’t like KFC?”

Talk about an incredible attention-to-detail.

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