A morbidly obese couple from the TLC hit series My 600-Lb Life have had sex for the first time.

Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser used to weigh 51 stone and 39 stone respectively. But now life is on the up as the scale is on the down.

After Sutton dropped to 29 stone and Rena dropped to 20 stone, the couple have been able to have sex for the first time in their 11-year relationship.

Sutton explained:

We never had intercourse before but we can now!

In promotional footage, Lee said that the two met at a weight loss clinic.

I remember meeting Rena for the first time. Her brother was my roommate at the bariatric clinic.

And I kind of felt jealous how she would make sure what he needed.

But the clinic didn't allow patients to be in relationships, so they left. Rena said that they are very much in love, but their joint addiction to food continues to be difficult.

Being together, with both of us struggling with food, has not been a good thing.

Eventually, Sutton's sister Cassie has to come over and take care of the couple.

As their weight continued to spiral out of control, the couple made the decision to consult weight loss surgeon Dr Yonan Nowzaradan to see if they would both qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

Sutton had his gastric bypass earlier than Kiser, who suffered a setback when she was hospitalised with pneumonia, but unfortunately continued to struggle with losing weight.

TLC shared this footage where he clashes with Dr Nowzaradan after losing 9 pounds on his own since leaving the hospital.

Kiser threatened to leave Sutton as their relationship went into a downward spiral.

But therapy seems to have set them back on the right track. She had her own surgery and, after 12 months, the couple weighs 49 stone between them, down from 90 stone.

Sutton even said he was planning to propose once they both meet their goal weights.

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