People who eat meat 'have more sex than vegetarians'

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In 2016, an Ipsos MORI survey reported that the number of vegans in Britain had risen 360 per cent in a decade.

More and more of us are ditching meat, motivated either by health benefits, ethical grounds for animal welfare or environmental sustainability.

A new survey has suggested that meat eaters are having more sex.

The research, in which 2,000 Britons were interviewed, found that 42 per cent of meat eaters (once a day or more) have sex once a week or more.

Vegetarians and 'reluctant carnivores' (meat once a fortnight) registered a much lower percentage in those surveyed - 16 per cent.

The highest percentage of meat eaters who had sex once a week or more was found in Wales (49 per cent), followed by England (46 per cent) and then Scotland (40 per cent).

The survey was carried out by, an online provider of grass-fed, free-range meat. Which should definitely be noted when you consider the survey results.

If you're a man with a high meat diet you may want to ease up, however.

Studies have found that patients with heart disease, linked to a high saturated fat and high meat diet, often have erectile dysfunction.

Dietician Caryn Davies told Men's Health:

Examining the physiology of arterial disease and its inhibitory effect on blood flow, it makes perfect sense that an erection, which relies on a sufficient inflow of blood, would be compromised in the presence of CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk factors.

The quickest way to adopt a cardiovascular diet is to cut down on cholesterol and saturated fat by including more sources of plant protein and cutting down on meat.

And when it comes to sex, we all know it's about quality over quantity.

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