Applicant discovers job is a scam mid-interview

Applicant discovers job is a scam mid-interview
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A job applicant felt cheated after being interviewed for a position that didn't quite fit the description.

Some companies are notorious for sneaking in additional responsibilities that weren't initially detailed in the contract, but one TikToker's story may have taken it to the next level.

In her viral clip posted to the platform, Anokhi (@_anokhipatel) explained how she applied for an event coordinator position and was invited to a group interview with two other hopeful candidates.

"There’s two other people in my interview, and I’m like, 'OK, whatever.' One guy’s literally in his car and the other girl’s on the couch - and I’m like, what is happening?" she recalled. "And for a second I thought they worked here. Nope. They were also getting interviewed. I was like, what?"

It was then, that one of the interviewees shared a revelation with the team and accused the company of being fake.

"The guy literally goes, 'I did a lot of research on your company, and I found out this was a scam. So thank you for your time. Bye.' And just ends and drops out of the call," Anokhi explained.


This is my second scam LMAO but watch out people dont fall for it!!! #scaminterviews #scamstory #jobscamawareness #linkedinscam #jobsearchtiktok

The TikToker then raised concerns that the job outlined during the interview wasn't what she applied for.

Anokhi claimed that the interviewer promptly hung up when she expressed that the role didn't align with what she was looking for.

The clip was soon inundated with comments from fellow TikTokers, with one writing: "I love that the other guy showed up to say something.

"If it’s a group interview hang up immediately," another added, while a third spoke about their own personal experience, writing: "One time I got on a 'zoom interview' with literally 40 other people. safe to say I left the call."

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