'Lois Griffin dead at 43' meme explained as concerns raised about Alex Bornstein

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A trend has taken over TikTok where parents are fooled into believing that significant celebrities have suddenly died in order to see just how shocked they will be when hearing the news.

Well as bizarre as it might sound, the meme originated all because of Family Guy.

In a rare case of Twitter influencing TikTok and not the other way around messages about Louis Griffin, the mother from Family Guy, being dead at the age of 43 began trending on the website on December 26th.

This set in motion a trend that made its way on to TikTok where people tried to convince their friends and family that the fictional cartoon character had passed away, despite not being real.

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One user, Arabella Alexis, told her family that Griffin had died which caused some confusion as they initially appeared confused as to who she was talking about. However, they didn't fall for the trick as after a quick Google they soon figured out that she was talking about the character from Family Guy.


LOIS GRIFFIN DEAD AT 43. y where they so slow tho

However, the meme did spark some very real concerns as people soon started to worry about the well-being of actor Alex Bornstein, who voices Lois on Family Guy.

Thankfully we can confirm that Bornstein is alive and well. The 51-year-old is very active on Instagram but is yet to respond to the trend so watch this space.

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