The low vibration plate meme explained

The low vibration plate meme explained
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Anything can be low-vibrational these days, it seems. On major social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, the phrase "low vibration plates" accompanied by hilarious memes has been making the rounds.

But where exactly did the phrase stem from?

A video shared with TikTok on Sunday (2 October) showed Tammy Price, an inspirational speaker, mentor, and life coach who was chowing down at a barbecue.

Price is sitting next to two other women, one of which is Stormy Wellington, another motivational speaker and millionaire coach.

Wellington was telling Price and the other lady that she won't eat the plate of food she was holding.

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"You can't pay me to do that to myself. They put this on my plate. I don't do what they do; I do what I do. I'm the leader," she said as the others nodded.

"I would never eat a plate that looks like this. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to do that to myself because I deserve better than that."

"It's low vibration," Wellington continued before adding before Price said: "My thought process is if you put it on my plate, I don't have to eat it; I got to be disciplined."

Despite them eating barbecue, the video isn't about that - it's a motivational message about life and not settling for what people give you.

When things have low vibration, it's usually synonymous with bad feelings like fear, anger, grief, guilt, and jealousy.

According to Healthline, our bodies are governed by vibrational energy because we are living energy fields made up of energy-producing particles in constant motion.

"There's a lot of people that just let people give them what they want them to have," Price said at the end of the video.

She added: "And they accept it. And Storm is teaching me right now. Coach Storm is teaching me don't accept what they put on your plate."


Don’t accept what they put on your plate.. #twtt #coachstormy #EndlessJourney

Now, low vibration plate memes are all the rave on Twitter as people quipped how they will eat the food despite Wellington advising people not to.

Check out those reactions below.

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