Man in truck shuts down Capitol by claiming he has a bomb and demanding to see Joe Biden

Man in truck shuts down Capitol by claiming he has a bomb and demanding to see Joe Biden

US Capitol Police negotiated with a man who claimed to have a bomb and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden and drove his pickup truck onto the walkway in front of the Library of Congress while live-streaming his dissatisfaction with the US departure from Afghanistan.

The scenario, which was dubbed an “active bomb threat,” caused the evacuation of buildings in the US Capitol Complex.

The man, who was identified by law officials as Floyd Ray Roseberry, who is from North Carolina. He reportedly crawled out of his vehicle and was taken into custody before a little before 2:30 pm ET, after an hours-long standoff, according to ABC News affiliate KLTV.

He told officers he had a bomb in his pickup when he came to the library earlier in the day. In the man’s hand, an officer noticed what seemed like an explosive device.

On Roseberry’s Facebook page, which has been taken down, he posted a Facebook Live video about the situation. He wore a white T-shirt and appeared to address President Joe Biden and noted that he had enough explosives to demolish “two and a half city blocks.”

“I’m waiting on your phone call; it’s your call. You got an option,” Roseberry said. “I’m ready to die for a cause,” he adds.

An onlooker also said they saw Roseberry in his black pickup truck in front of the Library of Congress, yelling that he had “a bomb” while throwing dollar bills out of his window.

In November, Roseberry posted published countless pro-Trump videos and commentary from former President Donald Trump’s Million MAGA March.

In earlier videos posted today, Roseberry considered himself a “patriot.”

He noted that if Trump becomes president or not, it wouldn’t matter to him, but he thinks “Democrats need to step down.”

At other points in the videos, the perpetrator also spoke about his loved ones and said that he explained to his wife he would be back home by Sunday.

The US Capitol Police took to their Twitter to note that they “are still working the scene” and will release more information soon.

Following the standoff outside the Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement that noted that the officers who safeguarded the Capitol have Congress’ “immense gratitude” for them dealing with a “potential threat to the Capitol Hill.”

"The immense gratitude of the Congress is with all law enforcement officers who today and all days sacrifice to keep the Capitol Complex and those within it safe," the statement said, in part.

This is one of the many incidents of what seems to be a trend on social media that involves assaults and threats.

Before the webcasts were ultimately turned off, live streams of the Christchurch mosque attacks in 2019 and a shooting near a German synagogue were available. Additionally, some of those who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 used their iPhones to broadcast their participation in the uprising.

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