The man claiming to have time travelled from 2030's story just got wilder

The man claiming to have time travelled from 2030's story just got wilder

“Are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030?”

“Yes”, Noah answers, and the Polygraph Test he’s hooked to beeps once, and “TRUE” appears on the video screen.

Noah, a 25-year-old man who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2030, has supposedly passed a lie detector test.

Apex TV, a YouTube channel dedicated to making videos about the “paranormal mysterious” says it hooked the man up to the polygraph test and observed his responses.

Noah claims he travelled from the year 2030 and he has made a number of bizarre statements, including that virtual reality will be incredibly advanced, technology will be so developed it can run a home and Bitcoin will be more popular – though physical currency will still be the main form of currency.

He also claims Donald Trump will be re-elected, however in 2030, someone called “Ilana Remikee” will be president.

Humans will reach Mars in 2028, and we will have made contact with extra-terrestrial life forms.

Um, there are a few problems.

Noah, who in a previous interview with Paranormal Elite said he was actually 50 - years - old (but a drug that reversed the aging process means he looks 25) says he has “no physical evidence” of any of his claims, aside from the “thing that’s inside his wrists”.

People are sceptical. Naturally.

A number of viewers have pointed out that lie detectors aren’t all that accurate. In fact, a former NSA whistle-blower called it “junk science”, and a number of scientific studies said that polygraphs rely on pseudoscience.

Since it's all about your physiological response, it's quite simple to trick the test by controlling your body's response to the questions.

Others claim that the lie detector test wasn’t even turned on.

Here's the entire 'test'.

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