Man claims to have been 'exchanging presents with Bigfoot' for two years

Man claims to have been 'exchanging presents with Bigfoot' for two years
Hotel owners find Bigfoot poo near hotel
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Bigfoot is alive and well, according to one Michigan man who claims he has been trading handmade gifts with him over the last two years.

Casey Dostert has been documenting his "interactions" with the ape-like creature on TikTok, racking up thousands and sometimes millions of views a time. Now, he claims the pair have become friends.

He told his followers they've both exchanged gifts, with Dostert leaving gestures such as bagels on a meeting point he's named "The Gifting Rock".

In return, "Bigfoot" leaves "simple handicrafts".

As for how their relationship started, Dostert explained that he kept finding his chicken coop open over several consecutive mornings – despite closing it the nights before.

In one clip, the TikToker decided to follow some unknown tracks on his snowmobile "to catch whatever it is".

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Dostert also shared footage from a night walk in the woodland with a friend, when he "captured" a pair of "glowing eyes" peering back from a distance.

In another recent video, he wrote: "It’s finally happening again!"

The man could be seen approaching his Gifting Rock, and discovers two vines wrapped around each other and a small stone.


Sceptics rushed to the comments, with one saying: "I'm not watching another one of these until you set up a trail cam at the trade rock," to which Dostert responded: "I can’t afford to have another camera destroyed".

Another asked: "why the hell would you take the light of it?????"

One fan, however, praised the TikToker's journey with the creature as "beautiful".

"I appreciate watching this journey of respect and compassion for whatever this creature is.From trapping to leaving gifts," they wrote.

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