Boy pushes himself down waterslide after finding it not slippery enough
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A man who sounded like he was having a whale of a time zooming down a waterslide came to a bumpy end after he accidentally crashed into a young girl.

TikToker @adrian_lionsonly visited Island Waterpark in California and recorded his journey down the waterslide that saw him travel through the dark colourful tube.

"They told me to go and I hit a little girl!" the on-screen text read, providing context to what happens later on in the clip.

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Footage captured him whooping as he speedily travelled through the different twists but as he was nearing the end of the slide the TikToker heard a noise which turned out to be a youngster who was still plonked at the bottom.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened next as the light at the end of the tunnel quickly appears as he inevitably hit the little girl, who screamed before impact, as a loud whack was picked up by the camera mic.

"You can hear her scream," the on-screen text read, but thankfully he shared the good news that "she was ok."


Dumb lifeguards! #islandwaterpark #fyp #accident

The man named Adrian made it clear in the caption who he puts the blame on for the collision as he wrote: "Dumb lifeguards!"

"Lifeguards need to pay more attention!" he added at the end of the TikTok, as he informed the lifeguard that "there was a little girl in there."

Since posting the footage of the accidental knock, Adrian's video has received 11.2m views, 2.2m likes and over 24,500 comments from people who had mixed feelings about the incident.

Some were quick to blame the youngster for not moving out of the way.

One person asked: "Why was she sitting there?"

"Her fault she just sat their should’ve got out," another person said.

Someone else wrote: "Man if I heard that 'ooOooO' echo, best believe I’m scooching out as fast as I can."

On the other hand, there were others who disagreed and said the little girl wasn't to blame as she is just a kid and that a lifeguard should have helped her get out.

One person said: "Guys it is not her fault it is the people who let her in because she is only a little girl so she wouldn’t know what to do y’all really blaming her."

"I swear life guards don’t even watch anymore, they just send you off when they feel like there’s been enough time," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "It’s not her fault, she’s a child. It’s the lifeguards fault for not paying attention."

A commenter who says he's a lifeguard weighed in on the topic.

"From a lifeguard.. the top of the slide can only see so much it’s the bottoms job to look and give the guards at the top the go ahead," he said.

To which the TikTok creator replied: "That's y [why] I was p****d at the bottom lifeguard cuz [sic] he didn't go in after or anything I helped her out."

indy100 has contacted Island Waterpark for comment.

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