Man admits to reading his now ex-girlfriend’s diary – and discovered she was in love with someone else

A man has turned to Reddit for much-needed reassurance after red flags in his relationship prompted him to read his now ex-girlfriend’s diary.

He explained to the Reddit thread, “I was dating this girl for a year, when she suddenly cheated on me with a friend”, in what she justified to him as “just a kiss” that meant nothing.

The Redditor forgave his then-girlfriend and got back with her – despite explaining that “the guy was still living in the same student dorm.”

After a tumultuous back and forth of getting together, breaking up then getting back together again, he told the thread that he “found her diary on the nightstand.”

Her diary exposed a shocking revelation: She had fell in love with the other man.

“Even before they kissed, she wrote about how she would love that to happen and how much she can only think of him”, the heartbroken Redditor explained. “After we broke up, there's two weeks of her writing about missing him and me (more him), and saying herself she's ok with loving us both.”

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After confronting his ex-girlfriend, she said her diary excerpts were simply “random thoughts and nothing she really feels or desires.”

“I feel like s**t”, the man told Reddit.

“I feel so bad knowing that now she hates me for doing that and I always thought that I would be a better person than her. Like I knew it was wrong to do it, but I did it anyway, just as she did when she cheated on me.”

Hundreds of fellow Reddit users flocked to the post to provide the man with some much-needed advice.

“Run far and fast and don’t look back. This is full of red flags”, one commented, before advising him to, “Find [himself] a girl who can be girlfriend, best friend and partner in crime, someone who will catch you when you fall and be strong when you’re weak, and just importantly be that person for her.”

“If there are enough red flags you feel the need to read texts or diaries, there’s a good chance you shouldn’t be in that relationship anymore”, another commented, to which another user joked: “The red flags are heart-shaped though.”

“You caught her out at doing something generally considered pretty immoral, so of course, she is going to try and discredit the information and make you feel bad for using it”, one Redditor suggested. “That was her best option to try and continue playing both sides...

“You’ve just had your first encounter with a serial manipulator.”

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