Newspaper shared a meat-free carbonara recipe and some people lost their minds

Newspaper shared a meat-free carbonara recipe and some people lost their minds
Roman chefs reveal secrets to a mouth-watering carbonara

A newspaper shared a meat-free carbonara pasta recipe - and some people lost their minds.

In an article from The Guardian, author Felicity Cloake broke down how to make the perfect tasting carbonara sans meat and even highlighted the inspiration she received from cookbooks that made variations of the Italian dish.

Carbonara, which hails from Rome, is traditionally made with guanciale or cured pork jowl. Pancetta is often substituted, and both give a savoury and salty flavour.

That, in itself, can be really difficult to recreate with meat-free products. But it isn't impossible!

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Cloake's recipe includes the following ingredients for a scrumptious carbonara that only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 13 minutes to cook.

But because it substitutes the classic simple ingredients for oysters mushrooms, soy sauce, paprika, tofu and more - purists lost their minds in the comments.

One person wrote: "Come on, this is getting silly. I'm all for substituting meat and diary, especially if you do it in a dish with a long list of ingredients and you need to substitute just a few of them. But carbonara sauce is basically only pork and egg. That's the whole beauty of it. Take those away and you may have a nice pasta dish, but it has nothing to do with carbonara. Yes, bingo, ha ha ha, but this is just self-evident isn't it?"

"How to suck the joy out of such a lovely, simple dish.No thanks," another added.

A third wrote: "There's no way any of what you propose is going to taste even remotely like carbonara. Just accept that if you're going to go vegan or vegetarian you'll have to give up certain things. There's much delicious vegan food that doesn't try to be beef and bacon."

However, others still think the contents of the dish all seem yummy.

"This genuinely sounds interesting to me. First I thought I'd use the "This Isn't" brand of fake lardons as they are closest to the real thing, but I think I'll give the mushrooms a try because, well, I like mushrooms. Seems like a quick recipe too."

Someone else simply wrote: "I’m looking forward to making this."

In other pasta recreation news, a chef went viral after turning a McDonald's Happy Meal into a gourmet pasta dish.

TikToker Danny Kim, 26, put chef Amy Brandwein to the test to create tortellini using fries, chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, including two apple pies.

Much of the food ended up in a blender, with the chicken nuggets and apple pies becoming the main centre of the pasta.

The fires, on the other hand, were turned into pommes dauphine. The sweet and sour sauce was served as decoration on the plate, which was nothing short of a chef's kiss.

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