Residents of Miami, Florida were left stunned and confused on Monday evening after a huge fireball lit up the skies above the city.

People living along the West Palm Beach area, just south of Miami reported seeing the burst of light at around 10 pm.

Shortly afterwards, footage of the incident started to circulate on social media with many not knowing what to make of what they had just witnessed.

CBS12 reporter Jay O’Brien captured the moment while he was streaming on Facebook Live. Sharing the video on Twitter he added that he was ‘working to figure out what it was.’

Many others who witnessed were equally confused.

As is often the case with these things, there is a simple explanation.

Many experts have reported that the flash in the sky was likely a chunk of asteroid 2021 GW4 which was estimated to be travelling between 12,000 and 16,000 miles from Earth’s surface at approximately 18,706 miles per hour

CBS News meteorologist Zach Covey confirmed that it was part of 2021 GW4, which had flown around 9300 miles away from Earth than expected.

However, Astronomer Jonathan McDowell thought it had nothing to do with GW4 whatsoever.

Regardless of what it was the fireball doesn’t appear to have caused any considerable damage so we can sign off on this not being an armageddon like scenario.

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