'Swinging' Mormon moms have become the biggest drama on TikTok

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Mormon mothers on TikTok (otherwise known as "MomTok") currently find themselves at the centre of a social media drama after an influencer from the community revealed she and her husband along with other couples have been swinging and "soft swinging."

Influencer Taylor Frankie Paul (@taylorfrankiepaul) has 3.5m followers on TikTok where she posts family content about her kids, her Mormon marriage to husband Tate as well as videos with fellow MomTokers from her area in Utah but recently she announced they are getting a divorce.

In one video with 11.8m views, she showed off her keys in an empty house, with the caption: "In my twenties, getting divorced, started therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two kids."

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While in another TikTok, Paul described how her "life was falling apart," and cryptically added: "And I can’t even speak on why … without bringing them all down with me."


this trend has impeccable timing

It was noticed that Paul's husband removed photos of her from his Instagram, and other MomTokers unfollowed her too, Rolling Stone reported.

To provide an explanation, Paul went on TikTok live stream where she revealed the group of MomTokers and their husbands participated in mostly "soft swinging."

Paul explained this is where the couples would get drunk and swap partners but would not go all the way - unless their partners were in the same room.

According to The New York Post, the influencer said: "The whole group was intimate with each other. Tate has made out with several girls and other things, and I’ve made out with all of the husbands and vice versa.”

She added the reason behind her divorce is that she had broken this rule with one of the husbands.

“I feel free, to be honest," Paul said after she revealed all. "It was a secret that we had been keeping from family and other friends."

“All my dirty secrets are out and I have nothing to hide anymore,” she added. “We partied, we were intimate with other people.”

Now, the entire situation has piqued the interest of people who weren't previously familiar with Paul's content - especially since pop culture gossip TikTokers such as Hannah Kosh and Jordyn Woodruff covering the drama, as well as it appearing on Reddit forums too where there has been speculation.

"I have no idea who any of these people are. but please, keep me updated," one person commented on Kosh's coverage.

Another person wrote: "No idea who or what this is and now I’m invested," and someone else added: "Idk who these ppl are but keep me updated. I am officially invested in the story."

While others don't believe the drama to be true - "Publicity stunt… they are 100 per cent just moving…" one person wrote, while another added: "If this is a publicity stunt; then she's gone too far with her jokes."

Since Paul dropped this bombshell, some MomTokers have made statements to try and distance themselves from her and the claims she made.

Miranda and Chase McWhorter were one of the couples who live-streamed on TikTok to deny participating in swinging, with the clip being reshared.

Elsewhere, another MomToker @jazlynebaybee playfully danced off rumours in true TikTok fashion and wrote she and her husband were "absolutely not" soft swingers. When a commenter asked what happened, the couple replied by dancing, then falling down in laughter.


Reply to @giuliannaa__ the story from my point of view #fyp #momtok #dramatok

"Tbh I'm not sure," they said in the on-screen text and added jokingly: "But apparently we’re swingers now."

It appears Paul taking the reaction to the drama and her divorce in her stride after she posted a TikTok describing herself as "the only villain in town."

Though, it seems the influencer is done with public personal revelations as according to The New York Postshe said in an Instagram story on Wednesday (June 1) that she "will not be sharing anything else from here on out.”

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