<p>TikToker @th3victorygarden  is now branded with another child’s work</p>

TikToker @th3victorygarden is now branded with another child’s work


What’s more wholesome than a parent’s pride in their child’s weird and wonderful artwork?

Crayon scrawls blu tacked to walls is a mainstay of the family home.

But one mother decided to take her appreciation of her son’s creativity to another level by getting a tattoo of one of his drawings.

Little did she know, she was actually immortalising the work of one of his classmates.

The admission came after TikTok user @pigeonsandfries asked fellow users of the platform to show off their most "meaningless" tattoos.

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Mum @th3victorygarden responded by rolling up her sleeve to reveal a cartoon design on her arm.

It depicts some sort of pirate’s cove with a giant rock that looks like a skull.

"My son’s friend drew this," she tells the audience in a deadpan voice.

"I thought my son drew this."

The mum isn’t thrilled about being inked with another child’s artwork

Tiktokers responded by hailing the design as “dope” anyway and sharing their own similar anecdotes.

“That kid has some serious art skill though, plus it’s nicely done,” commented one user.

“That’s somehow a better story than your son drawing it…. That’s f-ing priceless,” wrote another.

While another admitted: “A painting my son made in art class hung in a frame in my kitchen for 10 years before he told me it wasn’t his. The teacher handed them back wrong.”

And a fellow parent said: “Suddenly I feel the need to confirm the dozens of pieces of kid art I have on the wall JUST IN CASE.”

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