Reddit just realized that Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment defies the laws of science

Reddit just realized that Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment defies the laws of science
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An explosive Reddit discovery has left Seinfeld lovers feeling slightly stunned.

If you’re a devout fan of the beloved sitcom, you’re pretty well aware of the layout of Jerry’s New York City abode, with a well-sized kitchen off to the left as you enter through the main door.

But according to one Reddit user, the iconic Upper West Side apartment couldn’t exist by the governing laws of science. And we have to say, we think they’re right.

Let’s unpack this: It appears Jerry’s kitchen intersects with what should be part of the building’s lengthy hallway.

Either the kitchen or the hallway can exist at the same time, but not together.

Now look, we are aware that this is all make-believe and that the corridor is probably completely separate to his main living space on the Seinfeld set.

But we do love it when someone spots a fundamental error in a beloved, long-running TV show.

An array of social media users suggested that maybe the hallway turns or curves. However, it was continuously implied the hallway was straight ending, with a wall to the left of Jerry and Kramer’s apartments.

Fans were immediately shared their disbelief online.

“Are we to believe this is some kind of magic apartment? I hope somebody got fired for that blunder,” one Reddit user wrote.

“It’s not a lie...if you believe it,” wrote another.

It triggered a deep dive by fans into other aspects of his apartment, and apparently one episode revealed a glimpse of the very edge of Jerry’s apartment which most fans had never even noticed - filled with books and VHS tapes.

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