Tesco shopper ordered apples but got an iPhone in his delivery

<p>Would you rather some apples or some Apple?</p>

Would you rather some apples or some Apple?


Those of us who buy groceries online will know all about the frustrations of receiving a “substitute” item that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

One shopper, however, was delighted when the fruit he requested was replaced with something decidedly more exciting – and expensive.

Nick James collected his Tesco click and collect order from his local south London store on Wednesday only to find a “little surprise” in one of the carrier bags.

In among the bread, grapes, snacks and veg was a brand new iPhone SE.

“Apparently we ordered apples and randomly got an apple iPhone,” he tweeted alongside photos of the find. “Made my son’s week!”

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Apple bags tend to cost between 75p and £2.75 on the supermarket’s website.

Meanwhile, that generation of iPhone will set you back £409.000.

So it’s fair to say that the exchange worked out in James’s favour.

The swap was not an error but part of a “super substitutes” promotion by Tesco Mobile which is running this week.

The provider says it is “surprising shoppers by substituting Click+Collect grocery items with a fun Tesco mobile substitute.”

This includes other brands, such as Nokia and Samsung, as well as free megabytes of data.

Another Twitter shared a photo of her own super substitute: a pair of Apple Airpods.

One person commented: “I would just be happy if they didn’t replace Quorn sausages with chicken ones.”

We feel your pain, friend.

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