Woman grows sick of 'disrespectful' naked husband who bares all to their neighbours

Woman grows sick of 'disrespectful' naked husband who bares all to their neighbours
Getting arrested for being locked outside naked

A woman has spoken out about her often nude husband who doesn't even consider putting clothes on when near their neighbours.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman explained her beloved is "disrespectful" in the way he goes about undressed.

She wrote: "My husband is very comfortable in is skin so is always walking around naked, outside on the balcony, in the garden.

"I am not comfortable with nudity, and personally I don't think it's fair to the neighbours (I would be annoyed if a neighbour was doing this).

"Today he was stretching bent over and well you could basically see everything, not very attractive! He was facing the neighbours window (who he doesn't think is home). It's really annoying me as I think it's disrespectful and rude."

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Commenting, people thought she had a point.

One said: "God how grim he is, inflicting his hairy a**e and balls on his neighbours. Is it some kind of fetish that he gets off on do you think?"

Another wrote: "Indoors, fine. Outside in view of the neighbours isn’t really on."

And a third said: "Not a sight I'd want to see as a neighbour although I'd make an exception for Tom Hardy!

"To be honest I'd not even be thrilled at the idea of permanent nudity around the house either. Bare arse and sweaty balls on the sofa or dining chairs?! Yuk"

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