Musician begs for people to stream her tracks because she 'can't' do a 9-5 job

Musician begs for people to stream her tracks because she 'can't' do a 9-5 job
Zoe Wynns/Instagram

Entering the workforce for the first time can be a real wake-up call, and people have been sharing their experiences on social media for all to see recently.

First, we had a woman in tears after realising the pressures of a 9-5, and now a young musician has begged for people to stream her songs because she simply “can’t do” a normal job.

Zoe Wynns, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, posted a video earlier this year in which she said that she ‘physically cannot’ work a regular job.

Wynns said in the clip "I know this is gonna sound spoiled, I know this is gonna sound like some artsy creative who you know just doesn't wanna put in the hard work and hours, but I physically do not think I can do it.

"I start to cry if I have more than like three non-creative tasks to do in a day and imagine doing eight hours-a-day of something that I don't really love for the rest of my life... So there's no other option. This has to work."

She went on to repeat a quote from a TV show she one heard, saying: "'People like us can't live normal lives. If we try, it kills us’... And honestly? I am throwing myself into that category 'cause I think I will simply die.”

Wynns added: "So if you want to listen to my music and help me, you know, one step in the process of me not literally dying, please stream it. I love you guys."

The clip sparked a divided response. While some were critical of her approach to work and accused her of being ‘pampered’ and ‘entitled’, others were more sympathetic to a younger person’s experiences of entering the job market for the first time.

The video was re-shared by right-wing account End Wokeness, which added the caption: “Get ready. This is our new workforce.”

Whereas another wrote: “She’s clearly stating she has no interest in being a part of the collective workforce. She’s trying to do what SHE wants. Not what the powers that be want. There is nothing ‘woke’ about this. We’re told as kids to chase our dreams and then mocked by those too afraid to when we do.”

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