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A survey of 2000 people has found the names which people associate with being a "good wife".


It's unclear how the respondents were chosen, or if the only names they could chose were white Anglo-Saxon names... But here's the 'Top ten'.

1. Katie

2. Sophie

3. Louise

4. Sarah

5. Emily

6. Charlotte

7. Elizabeth

8. Amy

9. Jessica

10. Lucy

Nearly 7 billion people on Earth, and you're saying there's no good wives named 'Aadya', 'Gabriela' or 'Anika'?

Is this survey really implying that good wives are restricted to the Anglo-sphere?

On that note, the company who released the survey Siteopia (who sell domain names, which is presumably the motivation for this survey) haven't explained exactly what makes "good wife".

Perhaps the name meanings may provide some clues: Katie means "pure", Sophie: "wisdom", and Louise "renowned fighter".

indy100 has contacted Siteopia for more information regarding their methodology.

Sitetopia previously provided this inconclusive statement:

Every time we hear mention of a name we naturally associate particular values or impressions based on our past experiences. It seems certain names tend to crop up more than others when thinking about the qualities of a good husband or wife and the lists no doubt make interesting reading to many.

It's evidently a light hearted survey but it still seems bizarre.

Plus, we all know what the name of the good wife. It's Alicia.

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