Republican Senator confuses national anthem and pledge of allegiance while ranting about ‘woke mob’
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Given the GOP is quick to accuse Democrats of lacking patriotism for the United States, you’d hope that their party’s key figures would know the difference between the national anthem and pledge of allegiance.

But Florida senator Rick Scott managed to do just that while speaking at the Faith &Freedom Coalition conference over the weekend.

“We’re living in a nation where these woke, rich football players are kneeling for the Pledge of Allegiance,” he said.

Just one problem - the kneeling happens during the national anthem - because the pledge is not recited at NFL games.

He seemingly didn’t realize the error of his words as he continued to amp up the crowd, telling them that “part of our day we’re going to fight against this woke mob and these radical Democrats who are trying to absolutely destroy this country and the values that we grew up with.”

But naturally, Twitter wouldn’t let Scott get away with the mix-up as they pointed out that Florida’s ex-governor doesn’t know the difference between a spoken recitation and a song.

Others thought it showed a lack of interest in the essence of democracy and freedom.

Check out other reactions below.

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